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A 2009 special report in the Journal of Cell Biology on "Biological Sciences in India". The report is written by Ronald Vale and Karen Dell, long-time collaborators with NCBS faculty.
Mukund Thattai, a 'Young Investigator' NCBS hire and current faculty member: On teaching an ethics course at NCBS, and on one of the biggest issues facing Indian science
Upinder Bhalla, faculty member at NCBS: A childhood encounter with Obaid Siddiqi, and an early dislike for biology.
Taslimarif Saiyed, former NCBS student and current director, C-CAMP: On the benefits of C-CAMP in the learning trajectory of a student at NCBS.
Govind Swarup, former faculty member at TIFR: The thought process behind selecting students in TIFR interviews.
Govind Swarup, former faculty member at TIFR: On the need to integrate engineering and science education for students, and the potential of the IISER model.
Sudhir Krishna, faculty member at NCBS: The education model in India and the cracks between research and medicine.
MK Mathew, faculty member at NCBS: On selection of students, and, for instance, finding people suitable for particulars of working with an electrophysiology rig.
H Krishnamurthy, scientific officer and head of imaging/cytometry, NCBS: On pushing his technical staff to enter into degree programs while working.
Jayant Udgaonkar, faculty member at NCBS: On the need for coursework and his push to build an academic programme (with MK Mathew) at NCBS
Gaiti Hasan, faculty member at NCBS: On a summer spent at TIFR in the 1970s, and the process of being initiated into research.
Deepti Trivedi, technology scientist at NCBS and former student: On the move from Delhi University to NCBS for graduate work and a feeling of being overwhelmed.
Aditi Bhattacharya, research scientist and former student: On her experiences with coursework as a graduate student in the early 2000s